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In 1990 the American Presbyterian Church (APC) opened the way for youth pastors and other people in ministry to receive ordination and be recognized as a "pastor."  The APC tests each candidate and offers each of the approved candidates ordination, accountability and continual fellowship and training.  We have ordained terrific, enthusiastic youth ministers as well as military chaplains who have been welcomed on staffs in the Episcopal church, the Methodist church, the Presbyterian church (PCUSA and PCA), independent churches as well as in the military.  The APC is an independent non-profit ministry located in Florida  read more...

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Has God called you to full-time ministry?  Do you lack credible ordination?  The (APC) American Presbyterian Church, based in Florida, is a fellowship of evangelical ministers that has ordained men and women now serving ministries in California, Nevada, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Maryland and Florida.  



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